Naomi Namutebi

Actress, storyteller
All stories need to be heard, all voices matter


Naomi Namutebi born in uganda and moved to the netherlands in 2015 at the age of 19 to save my life. I completed Mezrab Storytelling school in 2021.
I have also been performing with DEGASTEN since 2017 and I did shows like Back to back, let there be light. I also got a chance to make a performance based on my personal story called My name before Naomi.
"My name before Naomi | Theater" (


Storytelling for me is a journey of self-discovery that re-designs the middle space between yourself and others with a powerful story. This is something I discovered to be soothing but also a source of knowledge, it is a way to comfort and a source of information.
My stories are inspired by my personal life experience. My journey from Uganda to the Netherlands and why I was forced to leave my MOTHERLAND
Today as a rising storyteller in the Netherlands, I relate on my background in theater which helps me draw light on what I want to tell and why, how does it impact on the society that I live in. In all the stories, I throw light on different perspectives through personal stories, and sometimes history and mythology. When not on Zoom, I've performed at Mezrab The House of Stories, Frascati, Staadhuis Amsterdam Noord, theatre Podium Mozaiek Amsterdam.

Current projects:
I and some other storytellers are doing stories about nature at ( where each one of us tell a story of how nature made an impact on their lives and may be changed they way they think or behave around nature.


If you're interested in knowing more or want to have a (digital) coffee, hit me up!

Email: [email protected]
call: +31682791328
instagram: naomi24houston
facebook: naomi namutebi

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